Possum Gearstrap Pack

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The Possum Gearstrap Pack comes with the 8ft. Possum Gearstrap made from 100% recycled material, four metal Possum Carabiners made from 78% recycled aluminum, and the Possum Stuffsack, also made from 100% post-consumer wast. Everything you need to stow up to 550lbs. of gear up and away from puddles and pests. All while making Mother Nature mighty proud.

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100% Recycled Polyester Strap
100% Recycled Oxford Cloth Stuffsack
100% Recycled Polyester Tie
100% Recycled Plastic Cinch Clasp
78% Recycled Aluminum Carabiners


5 oz.



9 reviews for Possum Gearstrap Pack

  1. Tod Pines

    Must have for any camping trip. Easy to put up, durable and affordable. It can handle all of the families gear…and that’s like 300lbs!

  2. Taylan

    Had my pack for months now and use it all the time rain or not. Keeps my essential gear off the ground and dry. Very lightweight and packable. Good quality and well made. It has become an absolute must for my camping and backpacking trips.

  3. Bob Newell

    Possum gear strap is a great addition to my camping equipment. Light, compact, easy to use all stuffed into well made bag. I don’t have to look for that nob to hang my backpack on a tree now. Love the possum

  4. Thomas Cutting

    The Possum Gear Strap has become part of my referee pack. Usually there is either a tree or fence I can strap it to. Keeps my equipment off the ground and makes it easily to access.

  5. Stacy Schultz

    This product comes in a small pack that makes a huge difference at camp. It helps us keep our entire family of packs up off the ground and at eye level. Possum Gearstrap makes it easy to organize cooking utensils, headlamps, and other camping gear.

  6. Matt Drake

    Great things come in small packages. I’ve used this thing many different ways. I always hang my gear up at camp and it keeps it high and dry. I’ve also used it as a makeshift belt when my belt broke while hiking. I used it with a portable gambrel to hang coyotes on the trap line for skinning out hides. To top it off I used it to cinch down some cargo in the bed of my truck on a weekend trip when I forgot to pack my ratchet straps. It’s a multifunctional piece of gear that EVERYONE needs in their kit!

  7. Jim

    Simple idea. Goes up quick. Use it every time I camp.

  8. Cassie

    The piece of equipment I didn’t know I needed!! I received a Possum Gearstrap as part of a give away and am impressed by its ease of use and versatility. No more setting bags on the ground. I can’t wait to use it on the trails, too!

  9. Jerry Johnson

    The best ideas are the simple ones! This falls under “why didn’t I think of that.” High quality and so simple to use.

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