Must-have camping gear hanger

Keeps your gear up and away

Camping trips can be ruined by water, bugs, and critters. The Possum Gearstrap lets you stow your backpacking camping gear safely off the ground and away from trouble.

Stow your backpacking camping gear safely with must-have camping gear hanger

Holds up to 200lbs. of gear

Packed a ton of stuff on your camping trek? No problem. The sturdy 8ft strap and four metal carabiners can take the weight you dish out.

Outdoor gear is right where you need it with our must-have camping gear hanger

Perfect height for easy access

Backpack camping gear, stuffsacks, utensils, and all your other outdoor gear is right where you need it…and easier to find when you’re not crouching down to get to it.

Wrap this must-have camping gear hanger it around any sturdy tree

Simple to put up

Wrap it around any sturdy tree, tighten the buckle, clip on the carabiners and rotate them upside down, then hang your camping and outdoor gear. Easy peasy. Watch our installation video.

Our must-have camping gear hanger weighing only 5oz. and measuring just 5in. wide

Lightweight and easy to pack

Weighing only 5oz and measuring just 5in. wide, you can slip the Possum Gearstrap Pack into any side pouch or pocket. It’s the perfect accessory to add to your backpack camping gear. 

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Possum Gearstrap Adventure Bundle


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