Possum Gearstrap Privacy Policy

Our Possum Gearstrap Privacy Policy is rather simple. You see, we’re not so much gear manufacturers who like to camp as much as camping folk who make a really great piece of camping gear. That’s pretty much it. So our hours on the trail aren’t spent devising ways to get rich by victimizing fellow outdoor people. We just like happy people more than sad ones. So we collect and store the data we need in order to give you a great customer experience. And you’ll start seeing our messages on Facebook or Instagram. Not much more to it. 


If you get a good oatmeal raisin recipe, hang onto it like grim death. It’ll change your life. That’s the limit of our true expertise on cookies. Our site uses ‘em because browsing sucks if we don’t. That’s kinda true of every site, frankly. You’re always free to block them if you want, but fair warning – you’ll lose some of the good parts of our site along with the bad.

Visitor Tracking:

Cards on the table, we’re following you. Not like a spy in a Jason Bourne film. More like a Google Analytics guy assembling stats on what happened while you were on our site. It just helps us see how the campers of the world have interacted with our site, and figure out what people liked and what they didn’t like, so we can spend more of our time making super fun camping gear. And less time worrying about that scary assassin dude who smashed through Jason Bourne’s apartment window while firing a machine gun and…oh yeah, back to camping gear.

So, while we’re out scouting mountain bike trails, our site is capturing a few things like your IP address so that your next experience with us is even better than this one. Which is no easy challenge because we’re sure this is the most ecstatic website experience you’ve ever had. Ever.

Data Storage:

Will we offer to store the pictures of your trip to Denali or all those nagging emails from your high school reunion committee you’ve been meaning to get to but probably never will? Nope. But our site does store some data about the most meaningful person in our lives…YOU! Like what kind of data?

Just the basics. If you’re going to buy any of the amazing Possum gear on this site, you’re going to have to enter stuff like your name, address, email, and phone number so we know who to send it to. And we store that data so you can look up your purchase history, among other things. Basically, if you’ve ever purchased anything online, you’ve probably given away far more about yourself than we’ll ever keep. Notice we didn’t include credit card info on that list. We DON’T hang onto that.

You should also get ready to see a few ads for stuff you might like. More Possum stuff, for example.

Payment Details:

We offer two options when you buy something: PayPal or your credit card. And the only parts of your transactions that we hang onto is what you paid and how you paid. We don’t keep anything else. No account numbers, no expiration dates, no three-digit code thingies on the back, nothing.

Social Media:

We loves us some social media. And we’re a little like a fellow hiker you meet on the trail. We like to say hi, maybe a second or two of chit-chat, and we’re on our way. So we might say hi to you on Facebook, too. If you want to say hi back, great. And if you feel like following us, even better. But if you don’t, no hard feelings. We’ll just go over here and cry in our trail mix. Don’t mind us. Sniff sniff.